So Just How Much $$ Do Adjuster’s Make?

The rumors are true, the adjusting business can be very lucrative for the right person. Before I dive into the financials of the business, I want to offer some thoughts that, in my opinion, far outweigh the financial rewards.

Adapt and Do Good

One must understand that we are in the people business first and foremost. Many times, adjusters encounter customers that have had a devastating blow to not only their personal items, which may include total losses to their home or business, due to a variety of perils. They may be suffering emotional strife from the their property loss or God forbid, the loss of a loved one or a pet. The adjuster that is successful in this business can recognize these situations and adapt his approach to handle it with compassion and empathy. Doing good and doing right by people will always serve you well in any career direction you choose. The phone calls that the company receives will be positive and in your favor if you will simply incorporate the personal touch to your daily work.

All About the Dollar

Yes, it is true that the adjusting business can be very lucrative, but make no mistake, it can be feast or famine. The big years of perils such as Hurricane Andrew, the Northridge Earthquake, the 2004 and 2005 onslaught of major Hurricanes and Hurricane Sandy are anomalies, and should not be expected. The adjuster that consistently makes a good living at this business is well versed in all types of perils and can handle anything that is thrown at them. I have always said that, the hail storms are what pay the bills and anything else is a bonus. When I advise new adjusters, I want them to get in the habit of inspecting and closing 2 to 4 claims (standard claims) per day, this is an acceptable average for any adjuster and firm.

Historically, over my career, my per claim average has been approximately $400.00 per claim..that’s my cut. Some days were diamonds, some days were dust, it just depends on the storm, proximity to your claims and your skill. Fee schedules vary greatly among companies as well as fee schedule splits. Know what the numbers are before you deploy. A good daily average for an adjuster to strive for is $500.00 per day profit, after their expenses. It’s expensive to be on the road and all of the true cost must be considered. I’ve seen adjusters break even and I’ve seen them fail miserably. I’ve also seen some make upwards of 30K per month. There are so many variables to consider that you just can’t put a definitive dollar amount on the earning potential. Obviously the adjuster that wants to just run local or daily claims and stay at home may not make as much per claim, however at the end, their net earnings may be comparable to net earnings of the catastrophe adjuster who travels the globe.

The incentives for me personally were providing for my daughters education and not accruing debt to pay for college and I was able to do this on a cash basis with this career. The opportunities are endless and there is room for more competent, hard working, ethical adjusters in our business.

Authored by Randy Allgood – Lead Instructor at American Adjuster Academy

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