Every Conference is the Best Conference

Every Fall and Spring, all across the country, Independent Adjusting (IA) firms roll out the red carpet for their existing adjusters as well as new, prospective adjusters in a conference/convention format. Many of these conferences will be held at the IA firms headquarters, local hotels or conference facilities or in some cases, with the larger IA firms at a lavish resort. So which one(s) should an adjuster attend, especially a new adjuster?

Word of mouth and a recommendation is always best.
As we all know, this business is hard to break into under normal conditions. Now if Hurricane Joaquin had annihilated the East Coast, you would be working and probably could have handpicked where you wanted to work. Unfortunately that is not the case, you are in famine mode, and hopefully, it is only temporary. Making decisions on which conferences to attend this fall and spring need to be well thought out. Obviously, the large firms have more exposure and the opportunity to get on board may be better in some cases. However, do not discount the smaller firms. In our experience, the smaller firms offer an environment that provides the opportunity to get up close and personal to the decision maker. Personality and finding a common ground is a great door opener and allow your work product to seal the deal.

If you are on a limited conference budget, we recommend picking two to three conferences to attend. This allows you the opportunity to attend one of the big boys and two smaller company conferences. Obviously, most charge for their conference and you will want to consider which ones that you will get the most bang for your buck. If there are certifications, such as HAAG, Xactimate, NFIP, etc. at these conferences, then you are ahead of the game and will be ready when needed. If money isn’t an issue and you already have the hook up for any storm event, then live large for a week at the resort style conferences…at least once.

Be Engaged
To our new adjuster’s, we cannot emphasize the importance of being engaged at the conference you choose to attend. Sit in the front of the conference room, be interactive and be professional. Dress professionally and be a sponge. Meet the people that are the decision makers and leave a positive impression. The opportunities are right in front of you, don’t blow it by being distracted or disengaged.

Lastly, check out the conference that our sister company, Catastrophe Specialist, Inc. hosts every January in Dallas. If you are interested in coming to the conference, just let them know at catcsi.com or like us on Facebook to receive the latest updates and adjuster insights.

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