The Difference Between Success and Failure in Claims Adjusting

As I reflect back upon an eventful and educational week at our annual adjuster conference, there were two themes that seemed to be of continual importance to not only our client companies, but which ring true from CSI .  Customer service and consistency in estimates among adjusters appears to be the main issues.

Outstanding customer service is what all businesses seem to base their company motto upon, however do all of the employees really understand how important and necessary this is to the company?

In the realm of the claims adjusting business, it is not only a vital part of our business, it is the law. The legal ramifications for not performing or meeting state mandated requirements can lead to some big legal issues arising from savvy insured’s and contractors. When you put the public adjuster into play, then an entirely different animal is awakened.   My advice is to fully understand the claims handling guidelines of the company and the jurisdiction you are working in and follow it stringently.   Keep the law on your side and perform your due diligence and, in most cases, your career will be long and void of legal issues.

Consistency in claims adjusting is an area in which I can best describe as taking a kindergarten class to Baskin Robbins for ice cream.  There are going to be 31 different flavors chosen and some will have a triple dip of 3 separate flavors. Although we are all unique, a consistent flow must be established. What you did on the last storm for company A may be completely different than this storm for company B.

My recommendation is to obtain a file from one of the core adjusters or storm managers at your new IA firm and try to match the flow and symmetry of the file. Follow the lead of those adjusters that seem to get deployed the most. They are obviously doing something right.

Customer Service + Consistency = Success!

Randy Allgood ~ Lead Training Instructor
American Adjuster Academy

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