Times Have Changed…or Have They?

The insurance industry of claims handling has always boiled down to one thing… SERVICE.  Service is two-fold for the insured and the insurance company.  Simply said, the insured is due the cost to restore themselves to pre loss conditions.  This is also what the insurance company wishes to pay.

Thirty years ago, we picked up a copy of loss report from the insurance carrier, called the insured on a land line to set up an appointment.  We made the inspection, took polaroid pictures and hand wrote the estimate at the dinner table. We explained the damages and amount the company would owe, subject to their approval.  We would then leave a copy for the insured, closed their file and requested payment for the customer. Finally, we would drop off the file back at the insurance carrier.

Today, we receive a PDF with claim assignment, review the data, call the insured on their cell phone and set an appointment. Based on the insured, we might even communicate via text message.  We then order an electronic roof diagram, make the inspection, determine roof damage, if any.  We use a pitch gauge, depth gauge, determine layers, photograph all the damages and the undamaged, including exteriors.  We take scope notes back to the hotel or office and enter the information into an estimating program, using scope details along with attaching photos to determine the amount of damages. We then call the customer to discuss the amounts of damages and complete the final report to the insurance company.  Using our email, we then send the report to the supervisor for review, who then forwards to the insurance company electronically after approval.

 Although the details in the process have changed in many ways, primarily due to technology, one thing remains true in the “old way” vs. the “new way”…SERVICE IS KEY.

Wishing everyone a great 2015!

Mike Farmer – President

Catastrophe Specialist, Inc.

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