‘Tis the Season…

Well the season is upon us to check our list and check it twice. We should be gathering up all of our toys and loading our sleigh. I know, I can hear you now, saying that Allgood’s gone off the deep end. Maybe, I have my climatological seasons out of whack a bit, but my message is clear. Storm season is upon us and I pose the simple question… are you ready?
The movers and shakers in the independent adjusting world are always ready. However, if you are new to the industry I will offer you some advice in an effort to alleviate some anxiety.

1.) It all begins with a list. A list that is ever evolving but concise. I’ve seen adjusters take a minimalistic approach to the trade and others that have a full blown home depot on wheels. My advice is to have what you need and not a lot more. There are two simple reasons for this. In a catastrophe situation, time is not on your side, it is of the essence. Initially, those last minute items you do not have or the cool, trendy gadgets that you’ve discovered on the latest and greatest adjuster blog, are detriments to your initial production on storm. The time has passed you by to learn how to operate your new drone or teach your ladder climbing dog how to properly chalk off a test square.

2.) We must always remember that many areas are in a chaotic state and having a rolling advertising billboard and thousands of dollars of tools and equipment is an open invitation to theft. Be smart, get on site and be prepared.
The essentials that have always worked best in my experience are as follows:

  • Active subscription of preferred estimating software, an up to date computer and printer.
  • Knowledge of the company and procedures
  • Financial ability to survive for a month on the road before you get paid.
  • 30 ft. tape and a 100 ft. tape
  • 28 foot extension ladder fiberglass (this is my preference if I only carry one).
  • A new, relatively inexpensive digital camera with zoom.
  • A clip board and chalk.
  • An interior laser measuring device.

Finally, make sure your vehicle is in good repair and the insurance meets specific minimum standards set forth by the carrier. Check the status and requirements of your E&O insurance and make sure the company you are working for has any information regarding your health, allergies and key emergency contacts.

So, in reality, it is the season we have all been waiting on for many months. The initial predictions are for an active hail season and the potential is there for an unprecedented hurricane season.

If we can be of any assistance in your career, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Happy Adjusting,

Randy Allgood ~ Lead Instructor
American Adjuster Academy

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